What You Should Consider When Buying A Toilet.

What You Should Consider When Buying A Toilet.

Have you ever wondered how much time we will spend on the toilet throughout our lives? The number might give you a shock. Given the average life expectancy of 79 years, and considering one takes an average of 12 minutes to use the toilet, that sums up to 240 days for a person to spend on the toilet bowl itself!

Since the toilet serves as a necessity for a household’s sanitation, it should take you more time and thoughts to decide on such an essential commodity. As a new homeowner, it is no surprise that you are somewhat clueless about buying a toilet. Other than merely looking at its colour and material, there are several aspects that you may need to consider before purchasing a toilet.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Toilet

1.One-Piece VS Two-Piece Design

Even though everybody uses the toilet daily, few can tell the difference between one-piece and two-piece designs. A two-piece toilet comes with a separate tank and bowl, while a one-piece toilet has everything connected. Most people choose to have one-piece toilets out of their high-end look and durability. The sleek design makes the cleaning job much more accessible and thus lowers the chances of bacteria growing around it. While two-piece toilets feature a detachable tank, they are usually chosen for their flexibility to have customized styles and heights. Pricing-wise, they are also relevantly cheaper than the one-piece design.

2.Water Efficiency

While the water usage at homes is mainly from the toilet, it is extra crucial to choose a water-efficient toilet. It tends to have better water conservation effort and hence cutting down the cost of your monthly water bill. Earlier this year, Singapore has also adjusted the WC flush valves’ minimum water efficiency requirement to 4 litres per flush. With the new rules implemented, you are strongly recommended to only select those products that meet the requirements. On a side note, you may consider those toilet models with dual flush mechanism that provides options of a half flush or full flush for better water saving purpose.

3.Flushing System

Be it fancy or ordinary, most toilets are operating under either one of these flushing mechanisms: gravity-flush and pressure-assisted. Gravity-flush has been widely used for years and it is the most common variety in the market. Its water valve works through gravity, which allows the water to fall from the water tank to the toilet bowl and draw the waste down the drain. It is relatively a more economic option and easy to find parts if any repair is needed. As for the pressure-assisted flush, it has comparatively stronger flushing power with the gravity force integrated with additional pressure. This model holds more water, and it produces a louder sound when flushing. However, it is slowly becoming the new popular choice for its better clog resistance and high efficiency.

4.Touchless Toilet Sensor

With the current touchless technology available, flushing your toilet is just a wave of hand, or even might be fully automated. If you are not up for a thorough change to a smart toilet, you may consider adding a retrofit kit to your current toilet. The sensor on the kit will detect the infrared energy emitted from your body waste, then trigger the automatic flush mechanism to operate. This could help reducing the water consumption and improve the hygiene of bathroom at the same time.

A Better Toilet Experience With AWS Toilet Sensor

If you are looking for an affordable toilet flusher upgrade, AWS is the one for you! AWS offers premium quality toilet sensor that certainly worth your money. Compared to the traditional flushers, these sensors allow automated flushes and work surprisingly well with minimal maintenance required.


The recessed sensor toilet flusher valve 711ACML comes with a manual bypass button on the panel. There is a LED indicator surrounded the button to shows the status, whether it is on stand-by mode, confirmed detect mode or confirmed flush mode. It is made by stainless steel material with a satin finish. The sensor is compatible to the sensing range between 800mm – 950mm and the water drops at a volume of 4.5 litres in one full flush.


The round box type sensor AWS-710R ACML and its material is made by stainless steel with a shiny satin finish. It has a manual override button on the panel to combat any potential sensor malfunction. When there is any human activity within the sensing range, it will detect and flush automatically. The sensing range for this model is within 800mm – 950mm and it only offers single flush.

AWS – 710 AEL

This model uses exposed box type flush valve which automatically flushes after every use. The units are mounted to the wall. The entire housing is made of stainless-steel material and mainly powered by 12 Volts DC for safety concern. The sensor mechanism functions when the user is detected with the infrared red energy emitted. A full flush of 6 litres will be activated upon departure.

KC Plumbing – Your Trusted Source For Toilet Sensors

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