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Toilet Flush Sensors

There’s no need to get your hands dirty. Toilet sensors are an effective way to flush your waste down the drain without having to lay a hand on anything. However, defects and failures can happen.



Fortunately, KC Plumbing can detect sensor issues and provide maintenance to secure the problem at hand. We provide repair and replacement services for sensors, flush, and valves to ensure you convenient usage of urinals and sinks.

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Commercial Toilet With Flush Sensors

Toilet & Urinal Flush Sensors

In today’s society, visitors to commercial building toilets expect touch-free washroom hygiene to be catered for. Nowhere is this more evident than in the availability of toilet and urinal flush sensors.



These sensors remove the need for users to physically press a button to flush. As a result, it cuts down on their exposure to potentially unhygienic surfaces. Furthermore, it keeps your surfaces clean and well maintained.

Sink & Tap Sensors

Sink and tap sensors have become commonplace within commercial building toilets owing to the hygienic and convenince benefits offered. With this installation, users need not have to push the button with soapy hands.Furthermore, it ensures that water usage is minimised as without the detection of the user, the tap is shut off. Expect significant cost savings from water bill utilities.
Tap Sensors Installed For Commercial Toilet Sinks
Undetected Water Leakage From Sink Pipe

Leak Detection Sensor System

Internal building leaks can potentially cause grave harm to your property as well as its visitors. While not immediately evident, water can weaken the structural integrity of your building and thus pose a severe threat of collapse.

Unfortunately, pipe leakages are hard to detect since most of them are out of sight. This is where leak sensors can play a huge part in alerting your plumbing team to a new leakage. In this way, leaks can be repaired in a timely fashion.

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