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KC Plumbing is able to provide piping services to both commercial and residential areas. Large-scale or small-scale, it won’t matter. Our experts will handle the plumbing issue right away.


All piping services are available. Stainless steel cramp pipes, air compressor pipes, and chemical PPH pipes are part of our industrial piping expertise. We tend to keep up with the changing trends of the plumbing industry to make sure we’re always on ahead of the competition.

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A Lot Of Stainless Steel Tri-clamp High Pressure Pipe Fittings,

Stainless Steel Clamp Pipe

Pipe clamps are a critical component of plumbing works. Commonly also referred to as pipe clips or saddle clamps, they can also be described as circular brackets. The clamp bolts to any surface, holding the pipes in place and supporting its full length.


Pipe clamps come in all sorts of sizes, and are made from a variety of materials – plastic, copper, stainless steel, brass and chrome. Our plumbers are trained to intall the right pipe clamps to keep pipes neatly and safely in place.

Air Compressor Pipe

Air compressor pipes transport compressed air from your air compressor to various appliances. This enables these appliances to make use of the compressed air to power their operation.


The complication here lies in calculating the exact diameter of the pipe and choosing the right material for its application. Our plumbers take careful measurements of your operation, ensuring that air is delivered pressurised but without compromising the pipe’s condition.

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Industry Piping

Industrial pipes carry high capacities, are used extensively and are configured to carry a particular substance. Furthermore, given the applications of these pipes and sheer size of complexes, industrial piping is typically highly intricate.


KC Plumbing specialises in planning, installing and servicing industrial piping systems. We ensure that your facility does not suffer from a pipe leakage, breakdown or malfunction, thus ensuring that it can be operational at all times.

Chemical PPH Pipe

Polypropylene homopolymer (PPH) is a thermoplastic material that is widely used in industrial chemical facilities. PPH pipes are used in the chemicals industry as they can transport fluids under pressure and at high temperatures.

Other important properties of PPH pipes include having high chemical resistance, thermal stability and mechanical resistance. This thus also makes PPH pipes suitable for transporting food stuff.

Heating Medium Oil Pipeline Protected With Stainless Steel Insul
Plumber Using A Wrench To Repair And Remove The Water Supply Pip

All Piping Needs Available

Industrial piping systems are highly complex and can pose serious dangers if handled by unqualified personnel. Our plumbers have many years of experience working in a range of different industrial settings – chemicals, automotive, logistics, manufacturing and more.

We keep your employees safe and your piping systems in tip-top condition. Rest assured that all works are done in a safe and timely fashion, to the highest of standards.

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