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Having a functioning water heater is of utmost importance to ensure the comfort of a Singaporean household, where hot water is a necessity for daily activities, particularly showering. At KC Plumbing, we understand the significance of a reliable and efficient water heater, which motivated us to provide comprehensive water heater services that cater to your household needs.
With over 15 years of experience in the industry, KC Plumbing has established a reputation for reliability and expertise. With this extensive background, you can trust that we will bring the same level of professionalism and quality to our water heater services. Our team of technicians provides support for installation, maintenance, and repair to keep your water heater operating at its best.

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A reliable and efficient water heater starts with a proper installation. Our team of skilled technicians can give you expert advice on the types of water heaters suitable for your house based on daily usage and water pressure, and recommend the ideal spot for installation. With their meticulous craftsmanship, you can trust that your water heater will be installed correctly and function optimally.

Repair and Replacement

At times, it can be quite troublesome to have a faulty water heater. That’s why we provide fast and trustworthy repair services to guarantee that your unit functions smoothly and securely. Our team of technicians has extensive knowledge and experience in repairing and replacing different types of water heaters, such as instant and storage water heaters. We only utilise top-notch replacement parts and materials of the finest quality to ensure your water heater lasts for years.

Products We Offer

Water Heater

Our wide range of water heaters includes both instant and storage water heaters from big brands in the market like Joven, Rheem and 707. Each with unique features that cater to your specific needs. Whether you need a compact and space-saving water heater or a larger one for your family, we have got you covered. 

Our water heaters also come with a manufacturer warranty, providing you with peace of mind knowing that you are covered in case of any defects or malfunctions. Additionally, we offer an extended warranty service, providing you with even more coverage beyond the standard warranty period.

Spare Parts

We understand that the quality of the water heater parts is crucial in ensuring the longevity of your unit. That is why we source only the highest quality spare parts to ensure the durability of your water heater. From heating elements to thermostat controls, we have all the necessary parts to keep your water heater running smoothly.

Common Water Heater Issues

With our in-depth understanding of water heater technology and the challenges they may present, we are here to guide you through every single water heater problem you encounter. By addressing the common water heater issues head-on, we empower homeowners to make informed decisions and maintain the optimal performance of their water heater systems.

Inconsistent Water Temperature

Experiencing sudden temperature changes during your shower? It could be a faulty thermostat causing the issue. Factors like electric resistance or faulty components in your instant water heater may prevent proper heating. Incorrect water pressure or temperature settings could also be behind excessively hot water. For storage water heaters, scalding hot water might indicate a high or faulty thermostat setting, while a lack of hot water could be due to electric supply loss, heating system failure, or a tripped limit switch.


Leakages from instant water heaters are common and often occur at the base of the unit. Causes include excess water pressure, faulty plumbing valves, internal part corrosion, or overheating. Storage water heaters can also develop leaks at the top or bottom of the tank. Factors such as condensation, excess pressure causing overflowed pipes, or loose piping can contribute to this issue. Regularly inspect your water heater for signs of leakage and promptly address the problem to prevent long-term damage.

Unusual Noises

Alarming noises from your water heater require investigation to ensure proper functioning. In instant water heaters, strange sounds may result from scale substance accumulation, indicating a potential need for replacement to maintain optimal performance. For storage water heaters, mineral deposits can cause unwanted noises, reducing efficiency and lifespan. Other causes include water leakage, high pressure, or pipe expansion/contraction. Regular inspections and prompt issue resolution are vital for efficient and safe operation.

Water Heater Maintenance Tips

Regular Checkups

To avoid issues such as leakage and other malfunctions, it is important to conduct regular checks on your water heater. These problems can potentially cause significant damage to your home, leading to costly repairs. Additionally, you should inspect the temperature and pressure relief valve on your water heater to ensure that it is functioning correctly. If any parts are faulty, they should be replaced promptly to avoid further damage. In some cases, it may be necessary to replace the entire water heater unit.

Choose A Reliable Water Heater

Proper maintenance can certainly prolong the lifespan of your water heater, but it’s equally crucial to select a reliable and sustainable unit from the get-go. Apart from relying solely on the reputation of well-known brands, it’s important to consider the practicality of the water heater that meets your daily usage requirements. It’s also crucial to choose an energy-efficient water heater to lower your electricity bills and decrease your carbon footprint. 

Hassle-Free Water Heater Solutions At KC Plumbing

When it comes to ensuring the longevity and consistent performance of your water heater, it all begins with selecting a reliable and experienced water heater expert. At KC Plumbing, we go above and beyond to deliver exceptional services, whether it’s installation, repairs, maintenance, or upgrades. Contact us today at +65 9187 9811 or through our online form to learn more about us!

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