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Reinstatement work requires the precision and skills to turn your office space back to its original state. Fret not! KC Plumbing is your one-stop solution that ensures timely reinstatement work to meet your tight schedule.

KC Plumbing offers a team of highly trained contractors, equipped with the latest tools and technology to turn your space back to its original state. We provide demolition, hacking and restoration contractor work to ensure your space is fully restored.

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Reinstatement in singapore

Under every leasing contract, you will likely find a reinstatement clause. This mandates that you are required to restore your office space back to its original state before you conclude the contract.


Office reinstatement works would include the removal of any infrastructure installations you have made during your lease. This could range from pipes to lights, from partitions to wall cabinets. After which, restoration of the venue’s original setting must be done.

Office Reinstatement Works For Demolishing Walls And Partitions

Demolition Contractor Works

Demolition of the walls, partitions and floor may be required depending on the changes you have made during your lease. Due to the nature of the works, our experienced reinstatement contractors are highly in demand as they ensure that no damage is dealt to the surroundings.

Hacking Contractor Works

Offices undergoing reinstatement often require hacking services to remove false surfaces, dismantle wires, remove carpets and glasswork. When doing so, our reinstatement team accomplishes the task in an efficient and safe manner. We additionally arrange for all waste materials to be disposed off in a tidy fashion.

Team Of Reinstatement Contractors Hacking Down False Surfaces
Reinstatement Contractors Cutting Wood To Restore Office Space

Restoration Contractor Works

Once all demolition and hacking works have been completed, our reinstatement contractors will proceed to clean up, repaint and reinstall facilities to achieve the original condition. Rest assure that our reinstatement team will carefully study the original plan to ensure that the space is fully restored without any need for worry on your part.

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