Auto Flush Is A Must For Public Toilets, And Here’s Why.

Auto Flush Is A Must For Public Toilets, And Here’s Why.

Speaking of public bathrooms, the typical perception of poor hygiene has long been lodged in our minds. People tend to avoid using public restrooms out of the expectation of seeing wet floors, shoe track marks, stained toilet bowls, and the emitted foul odour, as gross as you could imagine. Before we blame it on the poor maintenance work, why don’t we look down to a more personal extent – flushing the toilet after use?

Well, it is commonly known as an inappropriate act to not flush after use, but people have concerns that could be somewhat reasonable. Believe it or not, the flush mechanism is one of the dirtiest spots inside a public bathroom. Many constantly touch the surface, which could be the transmission of germs and bacteria within the bathroom area, not to mention some of them may even use their foot to push the handle.

Installing an automated flush mechanism would be an ideal solution to tackle this issue. It reduces the chances of touching the “unhygienic” surface of the flush handle /button and allows all waste to be disposed of quickly. Budget-wise, it is more cost-effective than replacing the entire toilet bowl with a fully automated toilet.

The Advantages Of Having Auto Flush Sensor On Your Toilet Bowl & Urinary

 Healthier Environment

Whether it is the fear of contacting the dirty surface or simply negligence, the automated flush sensor has seemed to be the quick fix to the manual flushing problem. This phenomenon of not-flushing-after-used had worsened during the pandemic when people were afraid of touching surfaces in the public area. At this point, the auto flush sensor could come in as a saviour by removing the common touchpoint on the flush button, while it also somehow prevents the germs from spreading around simultaneously.

Improving Hygienic Standard

As there is higher traffic than in a home restroom, the public bathroom has more people to urinate and excrete. Leaving the used toilet without flushing could cause a severe hygienic issue. Well, fixing an auto-flush sensor could help. It disposes of the waste on its own after every use without direct contact with the flush button. This also effectively reduces the risk of transmission of germs, hence improving the hygienic standard for everyone to finish their business peacefully.

Prolonged Lifespan

People often abuse the public bathroom’s features. It is common to know that some may use their foot to push the flush handle or break the mechanism with random mischievous actions. You may best avoid the regular wear and tear that the traditional flush system would undergo by having a hands-free appliance to assist with the flushing. With fewer people touching the facility, the damages could be cut down drastically and thus prolong its lifespan.


It has been a long-debated topic revolving around whether Can Toilet Motion Sensor Saves Water or is cost-effective. The well-configured auto flush sensor works compassionately and only gets triggered to function when it detects infrared energy (heat) released from your body’s waste. People are concerned about the “phantom flushing” problem that causes unnecessary water wastage. That issue can easily combat with proper installation and maintenance. The timed delay between flushes and pre-set range is also designated for a better effective water conservation effort.

Best Toilet Auto Flush Sensor You Can Have– TOTO Toilet Sensor

With the world-class standard TOTO toilet sensors, you can now enjoy a better bathroom experience with the convenience of a touchless flush system. Here are some of TOTO’s best-selling auto flush sensor models that you should add to the list.

TEF75LNV130 / TES26TEV11

This model of sensor toilet valve enables touchless usage and automatically flushes when it detects your hand or body movement over the sensor. The flush volume is fixed between 8 litres – 12 litres with a water pressure of 0.07MPa – 0.75MPa. It is encased in heavy-duty glass, which implies protection from vandalism or damage.

DCE603U / DCE603UE

Given two options of power supply methods to run these models,  DCE603U is DC battery operated while DCE603UE works under AC 220V. Both are made with strong tempered glass and allow automatic flush hands-free. When the auto flush function is out of service in some unforeseeable situations, there is also a push button that enables manual flushing. The flush volume is set at 6 litres with water pressure between 0.07MPa – 0.75MPa.


These two models of urinal sensor flush valves can operate with the power supply from a DC battery (TTUE602DS) and AC 220V (TTUE602AS) to meet the different requirements of every premise. The flush volume of these models is 3 litres, and its water pressure is between of 0.05MPa – 0.75MPa. It flushes automatically after being used with a touchless sensing mechanism. The simple and refined appearance may add a sense of modernity to the bathroom.

Get Reliable Toilet Sensors And Installation Services

As far as we know about the importance of having a quality toilet sensor, the precision of installation should not be neglected as well. Proper installation and maintenance could keep your sensor in good working condition for longer and avoid unnecessary wastage.

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